Don’t Juggle School and Work – Strategize

The mindset of juggling is one of reaction and stress.

It is reasonable to think that we have to juggle between full-time employment and education necessary for career advancement. It is common to juggle between homework and a part job to pay for your education.

Like most things in life, your mindset determines your actions, your reactions, your stress level, and your success.

While juggling is a short term tactic, a strategy involves a long term plan.

Try these techniques to harmonize both school and work:

1. Imagine The Future. Your future is a point in which your school work and your employment merge—the lines between the two activities in life blur. The qualities and skills you have developed as a result of both determine the quality of your life.

Take planning skills and an example.

A person without a plan reacts. A person with a plan acts.

Do you write down your next day’s plan? If you don’t, you will rush, you will forget, and you will stress out.

Planning allows you to know exactly what to do and when. You have prioritized your activities to fit within your day.

You may hurry, but you never rush. You get things done.

2. Time Correctly. Carrying 20 units while working full time does not fit within the standard time-space rules of physics.

Beginning with the total time available within your week, you determine what is needed for each activity. There are activities you must do, and there are activities you think you must do.

Work on your discrimination skills and find out how much time the activities you must do take. When conflict arises, don’t say, Well, I’ll figure it out. Learn to let go of one with lesser priority or move it to a slot taken with another activity with lesser